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Dental fillings restore mild or moderate damage caused by decay or dental injury. In addition to cavities and minor tooth decay, this restoration can also repair cracks, fissures or chips in the enamel. Find out about the types of fillings our practice provides.

Lake Forest Dental offers a variety of restoration services at our office, including different types of dental fillings. While many people are familiar with amalgam, or metallic, fillings, our practice also provides composite dental fillings. These are made of a tooth-colored material that allow the restoration to blend in better with the natural tooth structure.

Dental fillings are a relatively common procedure. Our dentist, Dr. Elizabeth Kim, can gently and safely complete this restoration in as little as one visit. Once the damaged dental tissue has been removed, our dentist can clean the remaining structure. When the site has been cleaned and cleared away, a filling material will be used to replace any removed tissue. The filling material, once placed, can be shaped and molded to blend in with the rest of the tooth. Once the material has been hardened, it can function like the natural tooth structure. Fillings can last for years, protecting the tooth from future damage or decay. If you would like to schedule a dental filling in Lake Forest, California, phone us at 949.446.0700 today!