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When the teeth have been damaged by decay or by accident, our practice offers patients help through restorative dentistry. Dr. Elizabeth Kim’s restorative procedures help patients again enjoy a healthy mouth and full function of their teeth. Depending on your individual needs and the overall state of your teeth and gums, our dentist may recommend any of the following procedures:

Before Lake Forest Dental recommends any of these procedures, our dentist will complete an oral examination. This will help our dentist determine the health and strength of your teeth and gums, which in turn determines which restoration treatment will work best for you.

Our practice offers treatment for both moderate and severe restoration. Whether you need a cavity filled or an entire dental arch replaced, count on our office to give you high-quality, long-lasting care. Complete, full smiles not only look great, but they can help keep your mouth healthy and prevent future tooth or bone loss. Restoration treatments can also help make sure the teeth stay in place and align correctly, especially after the loss of a tooth.

Discover more about how restorative dentistry in Lake Forest, California, can safeguard your smile. Phone our office today at 949.446.0700 and plan a consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Kim. Our dentist can help you choose a restoration that works best for your smile.