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Periodontics is one of the fields of dental specialty and focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and other conditions affecting the soft tissues of the mouth.

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a degenerative condition caused by the harmful bacteria in plaque. When this bacteria builds up in the mouth, it irritates and inflames the gum tissues, leading to the development of the mildest form of gum disease, gingivitis. If diagnosed and treated in this early stage, periodontal disease can often be eliminated completely. However, if the disease is allowed to progress unchecked, it will develop into a more severe condition known as periodontitis during which gum recession, tooth loss and bone loss may occur. This more severe stage of gum disease cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be brought under control, and the damaging effects can be halted with regular professional care and thorough at-home oral hygiene routines. As periodontal disease can be difficult to diagnose in the early stages of development, we strongly encourage you to keep all your regular dental appointments so that our dentist and team can monitor your oral health and provide you with quick diagnosis and treatment when needed.

Common symptoms of periodontal disease include:

  • Tender, swollen or red gums
  • Gums which bleed easily
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Changes in your bite
  • Changes in the fit of an oral appliance
  • Gum recession
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Pus between the teeth
  • Pain when chewing

There are a variety of treatments available for gum disease. When you visit our office, our dentist will work with you to find the treatment that will provide the best results for your oral health and smile.

To learn more about periodontics in Lake Forest, California, and set up your consultation with our dentist, Dr. Elizabeth Kim, at Lake Forest Dental, please contact our office today at 949.446.0700. We are committed to helping you regain your oral health.