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Endodontics treats damage to the internal tissue of the tooth, commonly called the dental pulp. When this is affected by tooth decay, or broken enamel has left the pulp exposed, it can lead to oral pain. Prompt treatment is necessary to avoid further damage and prevent tooth death. While root canals are one of the most common endodontic treatments, it is not the only option for treatment.

To avoid a root canal, our dentist at Lake Forest Dental may recommend a pulp capping in Lake Forest, California. Pulp caps are divided into two main categories: direct pulp caps and indirect caps. While both can be used to protect teeth, they are most effective in different types of restoration. Direct caps are most helpful in permanent, adult teeth when the pulp has been exposed due to the removal of deep cavities. Direct caps can also be used on a child’s first teeth when an accident or injury exposes the pulp. However, indirect pulp capping is most often used on primary teeth. If the dental decay removal is incomplete, an indirect pulp cap may also be used.

Repair internal damage quickly and effectively with the help of this treatment. Find out more about how pulp capping works and make an appointment with Dr. Elizabeth Kim at 949.446.0700.