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Teeth whitening is a quick, easy and highly effective treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth. With professional teeth whitening, you can brighten and renew your smile in as little as one appointment with our dentist!

Over time, teeth may become dull, stained or discolored due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Smoking or other tobacco usage
  • Foods and drinks that stain
  • Illness and the use of medications
  • Fluorosis (excessive fluoride consumption)
  • The natural aging process

While over-the-counter whitening treatments are available, they will never be as effective as a professional whitening session. There are two main types of whitening available: in-office whitening and take-home whitening. In-office whitening is completed during a scheduled appointment and typically takes about 45 minutes. Take-home whitening relies on custom whitening trays, which are then filled with whitening gel and worn at home on your own schedule. During your appointment, Dr. Elizabeth Kim will help you determine which type of whitening will give you the best results.

Please be aware that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. After you have achieved the shade of white that you desire, you may need to return to our office periodically to have your teeth “touched up” so that you can keep them bright and beautiful.

To schedule an appointment at Lake Forest Dental and learn more about teeth whitening in Lake Forest, California, call our office today at 949.446.0700. We are excited to help you enhance your smile!