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Dental sealants allow our dentist to prevent decay and disease in the gums and teeth of our patients. Sealants are made of a resin that can be applied to the surface of the enamel. The resin is made of a clear or composite (tooth-colored) material so it can blend in naturally with your smile. Once the sealant has been applied, it can block out food debris and prevent the build-up of bacteria, both of which can contribute to the development of cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. The applied material fills in grooves and uneven pitting within the tooth, so the surface is smoother and harder for bacteria to cling to.

While dental sealants are usually recommended for young children, Dr. Elizabeth Kim may also recommend this treatment for older patients. If your teeth are prone to cavities or if you have had difficulties with tooth decay in the past, sealants can help your teeth stay healthy. Come in for a visit to Lake Forest Dental, and our dentist can complete this treatment in one simple appointment. To plan a dental sealant treatment in Lake Forest, California, today, call our office at 949.446.0700. Once you schedule a visit with our office, you will be able to come in, meet with our dentist and discuss possible treatment options.